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Robb Dibble started Dibble Engineers in 2001 to maintain a stronger connection with clients and prioritize hands-on project management and tailored solutions. Today, DEI includes a dynamic staff with expertise in structural design and consulting for nearly any engineering challenge. Our most important assets remain the relationships we have formed with owners, architects and building professionals.

Structuring Solutions For Today’s Challenges


DEI is committed to the process. We support all types of clients by helping them discover what the problems are and developing a solution. DEI’s approach is tailored to the challenge, but is always founded on the same principles: define the problem, investigate the cause, and communicate the results in a manner that everyone can understand. DEI’s constant goal is to structure solutions that offer enduring results.

A Strong Foundation


The strength of DEI’s team is the secret of our success. Under the leadership of founder Robb Dibble, DEI’s collaborative professionals are empowered to do whatever it takes to ensure clients are satisfied with our work. Together, we are trusted technical advisors who take pride in creating sound solutions for uncommon challenges.

Small Firm, Big Reach

Based in Kirkland, WA on the east side of Lake Washington. We are licensed throughout the Western US.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to assist you with your project. To provide you with a quote, we kindly ask for a brief overview of your project along with any site plan, architectural drawings, permit information, and photos that you might have. This will allow our engineering team to evaluate and review the details, and then we’ll reach out to discuss how we can accommodate your needs within our schedule and establish the next steps. Please email all the information to (please note quotes are provided by email only)

Any project involving the structural components of a building or structure will require structural engineering. Structural components are any members that are designed to withstand loading from the expected use of the system. 

Structural engineers primarily concentrate on the structural elements of a building, such as the foundation, walls, and floor framing, as well as connections to the building. Civil engineers are engaged in the comprehensive planning and execution of infrastructure projects. Architects are focused on the design, functionality, and aesthetics of a project. Surveyors specialize in land measurement and mapping, which includes elevations and locations. These professions frequently collaborate closely to ensure the smooth execution of construction and development projects.

We do not provide surveyor services, but we can recommend some partners who do.


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Our priority is your success

DEI is dedicated to quality work. We create cost-effective designs that stand the test of time. Our high degree of integrity allows us to offer full-spectrum engineering expertise and advice, simply explained. We are proud to serve as trusted advisors for a variety of client types.

Whatever it takes, we make it happen

We are full-service structural engineers, creating solutions for today’s challenges, both large and small. We help all types of clients by discovering and defining problems, and bringing resolution through customized designs. Our team offers diverse expertise, allowing us to tackle complex situations that push us to seek inventive solutions.




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Dibble Engineers Inc. (DEI) provides full service structural engineering design, with a focus on hands-on client service. Each engagement, no matter the size or fee, receives face time with our project managers. We enjoy ongoing relationships and repeat business with developers, homeowners, architects, and other building professionals.

Whether we are working with a developer, architect, contractor, or a homeowners’ association, DEI collaborates to create solutions that meet the goals and vision for each project we approach. We create structural systems that balance the unique characteristics of a project with the budget, expectations, and design parameters of our clients – always adapting our techniques to ensure project success. Our commitment to helping understand and prioritize project needs allows us to offer creative approaches that stand the test of time.

DEI’s expertise is concentrated on new construction, remodels, tenant improvements within existing structures, engineering for deferred submittal, and seismic retrofits. Our projects typically range from one to ten story structures.

When structures fail, DEI provides structural investigations to understand a building’s issues, and create an effective remediation plan. Our investigations include reliable results and tested solutions, outlined in concise reports that owners, architects, and contractors can use for construction repairs. Clients and contractors appreciate our clear scopes of work, responsiveness to questions, and our willingness to educate audiences on causes, solutions, and prevention for the future.

DEI serves as an expert witness for legal counsel and homeowners’ associations, helping to bring resolution to project challenges. Our experts work with both parties to explain the causes of problems and propose reliable solutions based on building codes and best practices. We have experience testifying on behalf of both the plaintiff and defense, and are always committed to clearly communicating the facts surrounding the case in a fair and professional manner.
Our background in building investigation and remediation design ensures that we have the engineering knowledge to effectively prepare for each case, and provide clear testimony that presents a thorough yet compelling picture of the situation at hand.

DEI’s team includes seismic experts who design modifications to existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes. With broad experience in analyzing and retrofitting a variety of structures, we create safer facilities that can endure the Puget Sound area’s unpredictable seismic activity. Our understanding of the region’s geography, local and national standards and regulations, and our commitment to utilizing the latest techniques allows us to help control potential building damage and protect the safety of occupants.

DEI offers clients project efficiency in obtaining permits for structurally based work. We know that time is money, and we keep projects on schedule and help avoid unforeseen permitting challenges. By serving as the prime consultant, we successfully manage the permitting application process with building departments. We create the drawings and calculations required for submittal, conduct pre-application appointments with regulatory departments, complete required forms, and serve as the primary contact to obtain permits and keep projects on track.

DEI utilizes our broad scope of design experience to assist contractor teams by serving as the Specialty Structural Engineer (SSE) for unique structures. Our comprehension across a variety of project types allows us to help create solutions for soil shoring designs, tide gates, pump structures, detention vaults, bridges, concrete retaining walls, and pedestrian bridges. These components are often noted on contract documents as being bidder-designed, deferred submittal, or designed-by others. In addition, we serve public agencies by helping to implement these designs through construction support, ensuring that improvement needs are appropriately addressed.

When structural systems and building components fail to function as intended, DEI works to isolate the cause of failure and assist owners, attorneys, and contractors in settling disputes.  We determine the cause of the problem, develop a solution, implement the repairs, and help mitigate legal conflict.  Our team is comfortable working with all parties to simply explain the cause of the system failure and propose reliable solutions based on best practices.  Using a straightforward approach, we aim to resolve defects and eliminate the need for litigation.  However if needed, our experts are experienced in testifying for both the plaintiff and defense parties, focusing on bringing resolution to structural challenges.

As full service engineers, we pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients’ needs, especially during the construction process. We ensure that designs are implemented as intended by reviewing shop drawings, calculations/drawings for elements designed by others, and special inspection reports. We provide clarifications for contractors, and promptly reply to Architect’s Supplement Instructions and Requests For Information. We offer an in-person presence to address design and construction challenges immediately, with the goal of keeping projects on track for successful completion.

Value engineering is the practice of analyzing and balancing the functions and costs of a project, resulting in value improvements. DEI participates as members of value engineering teams, where we collaborate with other design professionals to offer creative solutions that balance project costs with design functionality, while preserving quality. Our final recommendations save money and often result in compressed schedules, offering efficiency in the design and construction phases.

DEI also serves as a peer reviewer, offering a second set of eyes on structural designs created by others, to offer ideas to value engineer the structure.

Whether clients require a due diligence report on the structural condition and safety concerns of a potential real estate purchase, or a post-event condition assessment after a fire, earthquake, or other property damage, DEI offers a thorough investigation process that evaluates structural performance and ensures code compliance.

Our staff members are certified in post-event on-site assessments, and we offer in-depth knowledge of a variety of construction techniques.

When purchasing a property or a building, clients rely on DEI for comprehensive reports that assess the structural condition of a site. We help keep the real estate transaction process moving by responding promptly to urgent assessment requests. We also help prospective building owners understand the feasibility of potential structural modifications.


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