A long-lasting partnership

At the heart of our contribution lies the expertise in structural design. We understand the importance of precision when it comes to installing swimming pools inside existing retail buildings. Our team ensures that each location is not just a pool but a safe, inviting environment that fosters a love for swimming. We have been partnering with Goldfish Swim School since 2018 and are happy to collaborate with one more project.

Photo: Dibble Engineers

For this new location, the Mill Creek Goldfish Swim will have a new 25 ft x 80 ft pool in an existing single-story retail building, including the installation of new dropped ceilings, removal and replacement of existing mechanical equipment, and a new rooftop dehumidification mechanical unit.

Check it out our previous projects with them:

1. Making Waves in Shoreline:

The newly constructed pool was designed with a concrete slab-on-grade and positioned in a manner that did not affect the foundations of the existing building perimeter.

Photo: Shoreline Area News

Our awesome team:
Dorchen/Martin Architect Associates
Innovative Aquatic Design as Pool Consultants
Dibble Engineers are Structural Engineers
UNIPLEX Construction LCC as General Contractor

2. Bellevue Factoria Goldfish Swim School:

We’ve just wrapped up the design and construction of the Bellevue Factoria Goldfish Swim School. The state-of-the-art facility promises an immersive experience for learners of all ages. The 24’ x 75’ pool required the removal of 3 existing columns. In addition, 5 new columns were added to provide spans over the pool. The new column footing pool structure was constructed in a structural slab pool with steel helical piles.

Our awesome team:
Dorchen/Martin Architect Associates
WT, LLC as Pool Consultants
Dibble Engineers are Structural Engineers
Powell RYKA as General Contractor

3. Redmond Town Center Peer Review:

DEI Worked with the property manager to provide a peer review for the installation of a new goldfish swim school.

Photo: Dorchen/Martin Architect Associates

Our awesome team:
JSH Properties as Property Manager
Redmond Town Center
Dibble Engineers as Structural Engineers

DEI echoes the mission of Goldfish Swim School – teaching young kids to swim safely. Our commitment aligns seamlessly with their vision, and every design decision reflects our shared dedication to creating a positive and secure learning space for children.

As we continue to make waves in swim school design, stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming projects!